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Sea Views is a mobile art exchange platform that brings together artists from the Nordic and Asian countries. This is the project that initiated by curators Nina-Maria Oförsagd and Erica Huang. They invited Bamboo Curtain Studio and Örö Residency as organization representative together with Nordic and Asia artists for one month residency exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is based on our multiple and different perspectives and concepts of the sea. Our relationship with the sea is rooted in our different cultural backgrounds.

In Chih-Chung Changs work, collecting lots of monotypes of nature and human-made objects to reflect the complicated history of the Örö island by those images. Using method which is similar with inkblot test, you may see the images of machine guns and butterflies, that all are describing the complicated history on the island. Not only contrast nature with human civilization and the amazing similarity between them, but also present the vague and different levels of the history that is about this former military-based island. And the competition and cooperation between human and nature will never end. 


Artist: Chang Chih-Chung
Material:Digital Printing, Hard Copy    Dimensions variable                                     
Period: 2019

The Concept of Creation

The artist made a site-specific art in Dalsbruk after investigated and collected work material of Uno during the period of residency. By passing the proceed of labor and migration, the artist reprints the feeling of loneliness he experienced during the residence in island to the digital printing, which going to become a mural painting in the depressing scene of industry, and hope that the printing will fade in nature. The artist intends to emphasize the difficult relation between nature and civilization, that looked massive meanwhile fragile at the same time.

About the Artist

Chang Chih-Chung

Sea Views is an exhibition about artist-in-residence between Nordic and Asia. This is a long-term art project work by the Taiwan curator Erica Yu-Wen Huang and Nordic curator Nina-Maria Oförsagd. They invited Taiwan Bamboo Curtain Studio and ÖRES to be the institutional representatives, five Nordic artists and five Taiwan artists to join in this project. During the artist-in residence in August of this year, they took residence, creations, and exhibitions on Örö, Taalintehdas, and other islands. Based on different concepts to seas, to discuss and spread out the thinking by open dialogue. The artwork we present was created on the islands by Taiwan artist Chih-Chung Chang.  The artwork created by reconnaissance and narrative collection, echoing the fables and realistic issues about human civilization in the moment. To focus on history of oceans to re-construct the personal memory of home and country, local reconnaissance, and area history by the subjects about the ocean, ships, and harbors. To discuss the imagination about the relationship between human, culture, and nature, also discuss the possibility about reinventing the environment conscious and maritime culture. This artwork made by a collection of the history, ecology, and dialogues with residents of Baltic Sea islands that located the other side of the ocean; by gathering the objects to shape the story of the ocean. For these years, Chih-Chung Chang is focusing on the research about Port of Kaohsiung and plan to take an interactive comparison with the status of the Port of Keelung.

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