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Rain Forest Project

In this project, the members went to Leuser Ecosystem which is in Aceh, Sumatera, Indonesia in August, this is the first time they visited rain forest and marshlands. By the artworks Imprint the Rain Forest, A Short Visit, and Rain Forest Adventure, let the audiences start with senses to imagine Indonesia culture and rain forest through images, sounds, and plants for bringing in the difficult problem of ecosystem conservation which is we all face. By recording different nature ecosystem, to present in objective way the different roles in evolution that each creature stand for. The artwork Rain Forest Adventure is co-creation with Pinglin Junior High School clubs. By the plant recognition game which called “little plant detective”, led students to explore the diversity of rain forests, and the connection between rain forests and the products we use everyday.


Artist: Seeding Future Project & Students from Pinglin Junior High School
Title:Rain Forest Project                       Material:Mixed Media, Vedio                                     Size:Dimensions variable                               Period: 2019

The Concept of Creation

Close your eyes, and imagine you are trying balancing on the trunks covered with moss and  fungi. You are surrounded by the jungle and the humming sound of cicadas . You can almost feel the sunlight penetrate through the gap of trees, touch the muddy soil and falling leaves, and smell the strong and fresh scent. In a distance, hornbill birds are gazing, pythons are intertwining, and gibbons’ are singing and the voice is traveling through the whole rainforest.

“Rainforest is far closer than you think.”

Everyone has different imagination about rainforest. Some might feel it’s scary, and others might think it’s attractive. However, you may not know all the facts about rainforest. Every day, the products you use, the nutrition you eat, and the choices you make may come from the rainforest.  On the other hand, it will also affect the rainforest. Whether it is ecological, cultural or socio-economic, the rainforest has been in your life in a variety of ways and you are a part of the rainforest.

About the Artist

Bamboo Curtain Studio

The Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) in Taiwan aims to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for visitors from national and international art related fields, for short visits, research development, performance, exhibition and further working in process projects. For the past 24 years, BCS has been focusing on five principles: Environment Sustainability, Social Engagement, Talent Incubation, Institution development and International Cultural Exchange. Through practice, BCS have engaged a huge amount of audiences and creative partners. In the meanwhile, BCS tries to explore the strategies of making co-value between art and society and truly believes that artists have contribution towards society. 

The curator of Suaveart studio Yi-pei LEE, the partner of Bamboo Curtain Studio Hsiao-ling CHANG, the artist of Collectors studio Ke-ting CHEN, the independent journalist Yi-ting CHAO, and photographer Yu-ying WANG went to Soraya research station and Suaq research station which are in Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatera, Indonesia took short-term art field research for participating and understanding researcher’s living, and the environment, economy, and society situation.

The long-term development goal of Seeding Future Project is making art to be the start of discussion, to be the bridge of countries, research institutes, and local non-government institutes. Let everyone around the world can see Taiwan’s international contributions. Planning to start health care, science, environment, and other new projects in the next three years. To start the sustainable projects and build a long-term maintainable society, to create new thinking by local and culture.

Bamboo Curtain Studio_Seeding Future Project Member: Chen Ke-Ting、 Chang Hsiao-Ling、 Lee Yi-Pei、 Wang Yu-Ying、 Chao Yi-Ting

Students from Pinglin Junior High School

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