Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor

Rainbow Rain

Rainbow rain village as heaven is a legend, ideal world, or the place we dream for?

Do you still have courage to believe it?

“I believe. Because I need it so much!”

I imagine go back to the status sometimes that is blank so that I can simply feel the beauty of color. I collect all the happy fragments to build up a space as rainbow rain village. This is my wonderful garden, my outlet too.”

Raining is a gift the earth gives us. The rain in rainbow rain village has much difference. Every time it rains, the original appearance will come back again, dress again to the appearance we want.

Artist: Tsai Chieh-hsin
Title:  Rainbow Rain
Material:Fiberglass, Baked Varnish
Size: 120x140x70cm(L)x1、90x60x40cm(M)x2、70x60x40cm(S)x2 
Period: 2017

The Concept of Creation

Liking to observe the relationship between people and animals, projecting these feelings to the artworks. By telling stories, presenting in the artworks.  Zoom in the senses of the audience, they can read the artwork directly and easily, or even resonate with it. Let the simple things and feelings can get a sight again. To treasure the small things we already used to. To recall the beautiful emotions which are simple and original.

About the Artist

Tsai Chieh-hsin

The author holds a strong preference for using paper pulp due to the straightforward and solid temperatures that paper calls to mind. The intriguing sensations drawn out by paper pulp is very similar to the “simple” and “original” sense of beauty and sentiments the author wishes to express. 

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