Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor

Sinking and Floating

There is a fishing vessel dock at Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor, which is paint-shedding, rusting, and going to be scrapped. 

The audience enter the narrow cockpit and wear VR device, they will enter a virtual cockpit same as the real one. But everything in front of their eyes and outside the window, that is a whole new fishing vessel, just like the vessel is a reborn one, sailing slowly on the endless ocean. Soon, this new vessel sinks to the ocean. The audience supposes he/she already sinks into the ocean completely but the vessel just lands on the other ocean. The vessel sinks and lands on the other ocean again and again, until it sinks into the gloomy deep sea. And then, the vessel will float from the deep sea, back onto the ocean again. Finally, back to Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor, back to reality.

Artist: Tao Ya-lun
Title: Sinking and Floating
Material: Computers, VR glasses, Unreal Program, Computer Animation
Size: Dimensions Variable
Period: 2019

The Concept of Creation

Because of the “simulacra” technologies prospering, people are away from the essence of “experience”. The hyperreal world just means constitute by simulacra refer to itself. But “simulation” is not only show something “absent” to “present” and shape “fancies” to “real” but also destroy all the connections with “real”. Absorbing the ”real” into it so that there is no necessary to distinguish “real” and “unreal”. In this way, the rest is the world that construct by “simply sign” (the sign without signification) with reference of itself. In future, the real will shape by the signs, which produce by computer images. And this real will replace the original real, even exceed it, becoming the “hyperreal” world.

The feature of postmodern culture is the charming simulacra and description, including every flow. The over-loading images and messages construct the “hyperreality”, collapse the concepts about “real and unreal”, “public and private”, and “artistic and realistic”. Every thing is flow into the world as black hole.

“Hyperreality” was created by data and program, not generate by nature but the reality made my human. The reality itself was modified by “hallucinatory resemblance”. So the word “hyper” is stand for the meaning that is “realer than the real”.

About the Artist

Tao Ya-lun

Born in Taipei in 1966, Tao Ya- lun graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, National Normal University, and received his MFA from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Art, Tainan National University of the Arts. He has won the most representative prizes of contemporary art in Taiwan, The Taipei Prize and The Taipei County Prize, and the prize that is considered to possess the most contemporary spirit, The Contemporary Painting Creation Prize by Li Chun Shen Foundation, to which he was the youngest prize winner ever. He was also a recipient of the Taiwan Fellowship Program by Asian Cultural Council, which gave him an opportunity to visit the US as a visiting scholar. He was invited for a residency by Headland Center for the Arts, San Francisco, and was invited by 1a space in Hong Kong and sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Development Council to become the first artist-in-residence at 1a space. He has also done a residency at Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, which is known for digital image and technological art, was awarded the first prize of studio scholarship by Cité Internationale des Arts-Paris, and was invited as an exchange artist by the Boston City Government.

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