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Out Space and Moon Series- Capsule

Outer Space and Moon Seriesattempts to build an installation where one wanders the quotidian and outer space, an imagination expanded from the isolation of contemporary life.

Artist: Li Cheng-liang
Title: Out Space and Moon Series- Capsule
Material: Iron, Recycling Appliances
Size: 270x 270 x 160cm;200 x 200x 170cm
Period: 2019

The Concept of Creation

I was surrounded by stuff. Convenience made my life easier, and things accelerate. I had food instantly ready with the microwave. I had heat-tech for winter and cold-tech for summer. I lived in a standard concrete cube, watched TV, and surfed the internet. My time and space was squeezed and twisted by all kinds of transportation. My living style has changed in the past ten years. However, billions of people, just like me, feel nothing about this change. It seems that we were stopped by something and did not know what to do, or where to go. I might be stripped from where I belong by the repetition of daily life. My life was floating in a one-person galaxy. The contemporary man, in isolation to his surroundings and a lack of control or prediction towards technology, loses his capacity for romantic imagination. Mobbed by technological products and an accelerated daily life, I float in the universe, as if I have left the Earth.

About the Artist

Li Cheng-liang

1986 Born in keelung, Taiwan. Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts.Department of media art MFA program. In my early days, my friends and I set up “Fuxinghen Studio” ,we utilized a nonsensical approach to co-create the possibility of artistic creation. In 2013, I started working in Tainan with a great variety of creative media. In integrating handicraft into the visuals of my works, I developed aesthetics which harmonized arts and craft. My main research focused on three-dimensional modeling and the spatial environment, following moments of life to provide annotations for living conditions.

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