Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor

Lau-Guei, Python, Meteorite and Theta Wave

The ship owner said that before the ship abandoned, it sailed for oil trade on the ocean. If so, the ice room was stopped using for more than 10 years, the hold of the ship was empty. Thinking back to the first time I went down the ice room, there was no fishy odour. Within the wood moldy smell, only weak light went through the hole of deck which was they used for throwing the fishes down. Comparing with the archaeological site in the Heping Island parking lot, it feels really dissimilar. One is look into the scenery at that time by archaeological finds which was digged out; the other one as if the motionless situation which was met by accident, imagined the objects which was not exist. 

The rope with moss, the towel moisten by the sea, the fossil need to be identified, the dried folded nautical chart… Rewriting by the objects on the board to creating a narrative with excavating style, and stalking into the frontier of unknown dream in past.

Artist: Ho, Yen-yen
Title: Lau-Guei, Python, Meteorite and Theta Wave
Material:Moss, hemp ropes, towels, foils, motor oil, plaster, rocks, silver foils, light, printed matter, etc.
Size: Dimensions Variable
Period: 2019

The Concept of Creation

The parking lot outside the people’s houses on Heping Island where was digged out few ancient tombs and remains. That was proved to be the ruin of a monastery which was built by the Spanish in the Age of Discovery. People talked lots about it as if the background changed to 400 years ago by everyone’s imagination. Suddenly, I thought this situation may be same as the church which was gathering center at that time. Walking on the history vessel, I wondering how time work on the object and the space and how the observer rewrite the narrative by the leaved clues. The imagination process is just like cross the flow of history, or split into another new born background.

About the Artist

Ho, Yen-yen

Ho, Yen-yen was born in 1993, Taipei. She is studying M.F.A. in School of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of Arts. The main subject of her artwork is spatial installation, which is combining sculpture, video, sketch, and pictures collage. Her artworks create by her own sensible experience and add in science knowledge about astronomy and geography to metaphorize psychological states. Capturing the close and loose, which is happened in reality covert into fiction, by combination of objects and situation. She was rewarded by 2017 Next Art Tainan and 2016 Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award, etc. Also taking residency in Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Korea.

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