Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor

Boat Voice 01

The fishing box was used by fishing boat in past. Using the materials in local harbor to build a story house with ship style beside the harbor as an island. Inviting people to visit, to experience, feel, and understanding everything collect from history, which was under different background.

Artist: Shu-Hao Lin
Title: Boat Voice 01
Material: Steel Fishing Box, Metal Structure, Wood Pallets
Size: 880 x 360 x 400 cm
Period: 2019

The Concept of Creation

The artist has lived in Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor and knew each other since 2017. Recording everything he met in Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor, maybe an impressive dialogue, a touching photo, a venerable old captain, a comment or related documents from people, or something come from the communication between residents and himself. All of this, becoming a boathouse with stories as a floating island. Looking forward to get more connections between residents and visitors to know and interact with the place more.

About the Artist

Lin Shu-hao

Shu-Hao Lin lives in Keelung, Taiwan, and is the person responsible for Zhengbinart stdio. He is dedicated to the creation between art and architecture, such as geographic curation, art education, spatial installation.

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