Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor


We use scrap irons and obsolete gasoline drums in the harbor to be our media. The squids jump out of the sea, how a wonderful night with good catch. Every deep breathing and sparkles toward to lights are the breathing of sea. Hoping to express the care to lives and cherish to natural resources by the balanced and regular breathings that come from the beauty of nature and the sign of ocean.

Artist: Hsu Ting-jui
Title: Breath
Material: Iron, Mixed Media
Size: Dimensions Variable
Period: 2019

About the Artist

Hsu Ting-jui

Born in Taichung in 1986, Hsu Ting-Jui was selected as artist-in-residence for the 12th, 13th, and 14th residency program of Taichung Artstock 20 supervised by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage. He was also a member of the first artist-in-residence group in LAB of Eslite Park Lane. His expertise is in large metal sculpture and spatial installation. In 2014, he was selected as one of the best artists for Taiwan Design Best 100 by Shopping Design magazine. His work advocates the purity of artistic creation and issues of social environment. He is also the lead vocalist of Air John, an independent music band in Taiwan as he hopes to document the reality of each period in his life through various forms of creation.

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