Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor

Ocean Current

Heping Bridge is connecting with Heping Island and Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor. The golden color against the sunshine is the tenderest witness for Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor and Heping Island. “Ocean Current” was completed by the energy as if ocean currents move around oceans, same as Heping Bridge. The bustle on the bridge and the ships passed under the bridge left the stories and the living memories. But nowadays, the uninterrupted blue is flowing above the bridge but how many good memories leave in here? Along the bridge, sea waves push up marine litters. We count every little thing in the living of residents and scan the treasure of ocean resources. Looking at the end of ocean and the harbor before our eyes, what can we do now?

Artist: Chang Shu-qing and Chen Lu-you
Title: Ocean Current
Material: Mixed Media
Size: Dimensions Variable
Period: 2019

The Concept of Creation

This artwork “Ocean Current” is just like the ocean currents flowing eternally, fostering the flourishing of the fishery and fishing harbors, and the development of maritime industry too. Also, bringing back the marine litters which flowing for years to shoresides. “Ocean Current” is trying to awake the good memories, which was forgotten after the fishing harbors declined. The ships are still sailing and the ocean currents are never stopping. Heping Bridge that is beside the harbor is connecting with Heping Island and Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor.  The busy transport network is same as the ocean currents to bring on continuous ocean industry for the harbor. Heping Bridge witness the ships come and go, the residents and visitors also intersect with each other. “Ocean Current” is the blue covering the bridge, interpreting Keelung, Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor and Heping Island where they living, that are focused by residents. Also remind us the environmental damage, which is come with civilization and we already knew in this age. The marine litters are also surrounding Keelung, the old ones, new ones, or come with the ocean currents. By the hands of the artists and residents with Heping Bridge, which is connecting with Heping Island and Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor, to create “Ocean Current” together, to fill with the thinking, feeling, happiness, sadness, and stories of this place.

About the Artist

Chang Shu-qing and Chen Lu-you

The artists Chang Shu-qing and Chen Lu-you graduated from Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University. The artwork subjects are focus on the discussion of social issues and also have great enthusiasm about art education. This time they were invited to stay in 2019 KEELUNG CIAO village for creating artwork. They focused on the living of fishing harbor and marine environment issues; combined workshop style and connection with residents to completed this artwork.

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