Agenna Shipyard

Rainbow Work

At Agenna Shipyard, “Rainbow Work” is ready to unfold the beauty of rainbow in our eyes. The combination of sunshine and water will produce the beautiful rainbow. To set off Agenna Shipyard, which fill with history vibe, by a fresh energy. This artwork presents “diversity” and “coexistence” that rainbow means to be, symbolizing the coexistence with art and nature, history and modern, even the coexistence and connection between human and nature. “Rainbow Work” is the artwork which show at a particular moment in a day. Hoping to bring the happiness feeling to people like a surprise, also bring a whole new look for Agenna Shipyard.

★Remark: Rainbow Work open from 10:00 to 17:00 . The timing of Rainbow appear depends on the weather and sunlight angle. If it is cloudy, rainy, or sunlight not strong enough, rainbow will not appear. Suggesting viewing time: 09.26-09.29→14:45-15:45/09.30-10.06→14:35-15:45/10.07-10.13→ 14:20-15:30/10.14-10.20→14:20-15:30/10.21-10.27→ 14:05-15:15/10.28-11.03→14:05-15:15/11.04-11.08→13:50-15:00。


Artist: Takahide Mizuuchi
Title:Rainbow Work
Material: Sprinkling System (Sprinkler, Motor Pump, Header Tank)
Size: Dimensions Variable
Period: 2019

The Concept of Creation

From the past till now, rainbow has been stand for many meanings and legends, as “there’s treasure in the end of rainbow”, etc. Rainbow always means happiness and fortune. Because of the feature of rainbow that is no clear distinction between each color so that rainbow also means “diversity” and “coexistence”.
Besides, sunshine and water are the elements which form the rainbow, also the important elements to bring up lives. So it can associate with rich nature and energetic environment which inhabit by animals and plants. Through the picture which is rainbow covering Agenna Shipyard, this artwork shows the history that Keelung has been coexisting with the ocean.


About the Artist

Takahide Mizuuchi

Takahide Mizuuchi was born in 1979, studied in Department of Oil Painting, Musashino Art University. Being active in the art world since 2001, loving to present his artwork by media materials and public participation. The artist develops different creating way depends on different places that giving a whole new vision to himself and the society. The artist has deep connection with Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. From the first time of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, he has been publishing his new artwork in Niigata, Japan every year. After “Rainbow snake” published in 2009 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, it has been very popular with residents and visitors.