Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor


In August 2018, there were 113 sea turtles discovered dead in Puerto Arista sea turtle sanctuary in Mexico, which are about to be extinct. And also found fish hooks and fishing nets in those sea turtles remains. A few days later, in shoreline of Barra de Colotepec, Mexico, the fishermen found over 300 dead Olive ridley turtles. It is said that they found the remains with fishing nets. That day was 28 August.

The dead sea turtles did not raise people’s concerns. Bai Dao, the representative poet of Misty poem, wrote that ”Every explosion has a peaceful moment. Every death has a lingering echo.” The lives were dead with innocent, like useless sands. The bodies disintegrate and disappear from the gaps. Finally, to be forgotten and hidden, all the left things are only scattered sands and the endless sighs. Different from the previous expression of “remain”, this time he join in the movement of time and the overlook of people used to be, focus on the path of “disappear”.

Artist: Chen Sheng-Wen
Title: Absence
Material: Mixed Media
Size: Dimensions Variable
Period: 2019

About the Artist

Chen Sheng-Wen

Chen Sheng-Wen Graduated from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology.

Trying to find back the balance between the environment and humanity from creation.

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