— Find Your Flow —

Curator / SU Yaohua

“2019 KEELUNG CIAO: Find Your Flow” is the dynamic sketch for natural landscapes, tidal cycles, and the rise and fall of wind blows and water flows in that moment. This is not a motionless traditional sketch; this is the art event links space, time, and people by art instead. This is a modern landscape animation that everyone is able to join in. Scheduling to bridge the glimpses and lessons of history by art projects, let people look into and look back. From the Spanish and the Dutch who came for reclamation and missionary work in the age of seapower, to the people who were busy for living at fishing ports, to you and me who is celebrating for life and traveling in spots, all about the confluence which is people pass through Keelung for hundreds of years. By the focus and orderly strategies of art events, redeploying the meaning of space landscape. Not creating marvelous spectacles but caring about re-new the situation of our stagnant and exhausted living through participation, contemplation, preoccupation, and deep concentration.

“Ciao”is a land art event which unites nature and human, also a public art event which is the city shows their soft but strong ambition for culture and art, surpass the specific art systems and museums. Total 5 spots of this art event are blend into the residents’ daily life. Some places like the squares, land bridges, houses, steel ships, and fishing ports because of the art projects apply in systematical and immersed ways, go off course of daily routine and refurbish features. The barriers between daily lives of the community are broken down. The art projects put themselves in to think about the things related to everyone between human and non-human (nature, industry, etc.). Forming a topology that is unrelated to inside or outside, and boundary. There are 13 art projects enter and stationed for creation. Every art project has a story which mirror the history, maybe is an epitome of times, a freeze-frame memo of industry; maybe is an oral memory of group, or a life history which is gather up community. The artists and art teams who participate in this event includes Ayo, Takahide Mizuuchi, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Divooe Zein Architects, Ho, Yen-yen, Li Cheng-liang, Lin Shu-hao, Hsu Ting-jui, Chang Tsung-pao, Chang Shu-qing, Chen Lu-you, Tao Ya-lun, and Tsai Chieh-hsin. Different culture teams with different creation aspects are bound to bring more abundant “Ciao” for this art event.

“2019 KEELUNG CIAO: Find Your Flow” is a curating which uses Actor Network Theory (ANT). To emphasize the relationality is about phenomenon or the things themselves, to stress the association is about the thing or phenomenon, rather than separations. Actors are just like independent resource points to connect separating resources owners by translation that extend to actor network progressively. Network is a describing method, also a series of actions. The essence of actors is not unchangeable; it is changeable and also influenced by other actors. The relational network between actors is not of course Being. But in the actions, the actors who had loose relationship or even without relationship get connections freely, adjust themselves to have relationship and identity, link up to a network then. The value is not exist in the transformation or style design to structures or spaces but the artists use the specific actions, projects, and installations to animate the community/group/themselves, let people stay here and get together. Only in the relevant connection relationship, the artwork can be functional, also becoming a participation system that is always in the communication reflects and interaction process. Through go beyond routine and comprehend daily life, let the people who have excuse for communication or have different identities can stay and communicate with each other by this opportunity. And the living of residents also become a part of art or art itself. Moreover, through shaping the city memory, people have shared memories by join this event and make a sense of identity to this city, to promote citizen’s participation by art events.

Calling for actions, forming actions, and constructing actions are a creation progress of becoming. To experience local life via multiple sensory, through contemplate to art, are creating a kind of body that is be contemplated. Even if you just slip from Keelung, put down the stereotype and meet Keelung again. Or you ramble around the streets, jump on the steel ships, all about break away from reality and reinvent the reality. These are slogans for actions of “2019 KEELUNG CIAO: Find Your Flow”, hoping this will be an invitation to calling you and me meet in Keelung.

The city public living squares in 21st century have banners, slogans, proposals, and civil disobedience activities. “2019 KEELUNG CIAO: Find Your Flow” also give another choice about creating a comfort space by art, creating diversity of public living for social life, relaxation, and leisure except home life and workplace. You can chat with residents without scruple and burden. You can explore with curiousness, or just doing nothing. Wandering in Keelung, embracing yourself, discovering your own power in the flow.

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