“2019 KEELUNG CIAO: Find Your Flow” is the dynamic sketch for natural landscapes, tidal cycles, and the rise and fall of wind blows and water flows in that moment. This is not a motionless traditional sketch; this is the art event links space, time, and people by art instead. This is a modern landscape animation that everyone is able to join in. Scheduling to bridge the glimpses and lessons of history by art projects, let people look into and look back. From the Spanish and the Dutch who came for reclamation and missionary work in the age of seapower, to the people who were busy for living at fishing ports, to you and me who is celebrating for life and traveling in spots, all about the confluence which is people pass through Keelung for hundreds of years. By the focus and orderly strategies of art events, redeploying the meaning of space landscape. Not creating marvelous spectacles but caring about re-new the situation of our stagnant and exhausted living through participation, contemplation, preoccupation, and deep concentration.

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